Dow Jones record after Emily Murphy does her job
(too old to reply)
Nomen Nescio
2020-11-24 22:20:15 UTC
Let's all party!
and watch COVID break new record too
Greg Carr
2020-11-25 00:19:01 UTC
Post by Nomen Nescio
Let's all party!
and watch COVID break new record too
Way to go it is the Biden bounce Dow Jones closes over 30k for the first time in history! Online sales will be a world record this year. My Apple and Amazon and Microsoft stock are doing great. 17,274.25 +179.72 (1.05%) TSX also closed up.
2020-11-25 06:37:59 UTC
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On Tue, 24 Nov 2020 23:20:15 +0100 (CET), Nomen Nescio had the audacity to
Post by Nomen Nescio
Let's all party!
and watch COVID break new record too
Hi, Noman. Do you miss Greg?
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2020-11-25 07:04:05 UTC
On Tue, 24 Nov 2020 22:37:59 -0800, LO AND BEHOLD; The Pathetic
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i only miss all of the other poasters whose newsreaders added a bunch of "=20" all over the place who went MIA.

"4 out of 5 pet rocks" won't comment on this poast...


"It will always be with you. Why do you think I hate those bastards as much as I do? I've been watching a lecture series on the history of the muzzies... many hour's worth, in fact, and the muzzies have been that way for thousands of years. It's in their culture. Every few hundred years, they try to invade Europe or some other region nearby, and have to be beaten back. They just need to be eliminated to whatever extent that's possible. You can't kill ideas completely, but you can set them back a few generations when necessary.

One important distinction between islam and christianity, is both religions have historically used their "beliefs" as a means to control the ignorant Unwashed Masses, only Western civilization became educated enough to take that power away from the clergy. The muzzies like their citizens to remain dumb, brainwashed, and obedient. That's why the radical ones are nearly all from The Land That Time Forgot. They're still stuck back in the fourteenth century, and suffer from the delusional notion that they're going to drag the rest of the world back there with them. As I see it, there's only one solution to that problem, and it's the same one we use to rid ourselves of rats, cockroaches, and other vermin." - Checkmate said this psycho lunatic shit in <***@news.altopia.com>


"What you see happening in Europe now... defiant muzzies openly proclaiming that they have no desire to "assimilate" or co-exist with Europeans, and stating that their objective is to turn all of Europe into a muzzie dominated region under sharia law, is the harbinger of what they have planned for the US. To what extent they'll be successful with that here can be debated, but should not be underestimated. I wish I could share your optimism in that regard, but I don't.

Terror attacks are only one page out of the muzzie play book. They serve more as a distraction. The real goal is occupation, and that's already well underway. They've got that frog pretty well boiled in Europe now, and they're getting bolder by the day. The longer the Europeans wait to do something about it, the harder it's going to be TO do anything about it. It may already be too late IMO. This is going to get real messy in a hurry." - Checkmate crying about some bullshit about muslims in europe that's he's convinced himself is true.


"Bitches don't get to use the Pussy Card when they initiate an
assault." - Cuckmate the Wonder Klown in <***@news.alt.net>


"Thanks to muzzies and their apologist-enablers like puppy whistle, this seems to be the new norm in the world. It's spreading like a cancer, and it's time we admit we're at war with pure evil. We need to put an end to this muzzie plague, or life on Earth is going to become pure hell everywhere. We need to get these people out of every civilized country, and there's only one way to do it. IOW, we have to become like them, with an emphasis on expediency over cruelty." - Herr Fuhrer Checkmate (of alt.checkmate)


"Pussy Willow has just proven that Trump's crackdown on previously unenforced immigration policies is working. We'll deal with the domestic terrorists as needed, but we don't need to be letting the muzzie terrorists get a foothold in our country too. One need only look at what they're doing in Europe right now to know we're doing the right thing by keeping them out, which is our right and our duty. - Checkmate (#1 pussy willow fan)


"You just made puppy whistle's sig line longer." - Janithor


STOP! (janithor time.):

i hope his sails weren't torn asunder with words on a screen, or
somesuch, but also i hope that his pain is not as bad as the murderguy
who got hit with a skateboard. - anynonymous


"If I have a complaint about the (Southern Poverty) Law Center's description (of the alt-right movement), it is the phrase "heavy use of social media," which implies the alt-right is a real-world movement which uses a lot of social media. This is backwards: it is an online movement which occasionally appears in the real world. Where it gets punched." - Jason Rhode


"I think we should destroy every last fucking mosque in America." - "Checkmate, DoW #1" <***@The.Edge> proves for us that white males are violent in Message-ID: <***@news.altopia.com>


"I wasn't even aware that I HAD a religion. I'm pretty-much against all of The Big Three, but the muzzies are at the top of the list." - Checkmate


"Such "places of worship" are terrorist breeding grounds, as has been proven on many occasions. Please refrain from morphing out of my
killfile." - Checkmate on his belief that all Mosques are where terrorists are.


"Is Pussy Willow saying you're a bigger nazi puke than me? You didn't even suggest that maybe we ought to burn down all the mosques. This just isn't fair!" - Checkmate admits to suggesting burning down mosques.


"The world IS shit, and getting closer to hitting the fan every day. We'll be at war before the end of this decade, and nearly everybody
already knows it." - Checkmate teh war hawk, in 2017


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