Gov't of Canada apologize for 100 years of atrocities
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2018-07-10 18:07:47 UTC
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A lot of Canucks wish their "first nation" natives would all pack up and
move to the 49th state...
Canadians' attitudes hardening on aboriginal issues: new poll

The Globe and Mail

Protests by native Canadians appear to have done little to gain public
support as a new poll suggests attitudes are hardening on aboriginal issues.

The opinion survey by Ipsos Reid for Postmedia News and Global Television
found that a strong majority of Canadians believe that most of indigenous
peoples’ problems are brought upon by themselves and that reserves should
not get any more federal funds until independent auditors can review their

“There seems to have been a hardening of Canadian public opinion on
aboriginal issues,” said Darrell Bricker, CEO of public affairs for Ipsos

The poll comes as frustrated native protesters shut down some roads and rail
lines in at least six provinces Wednesday as part of a day of action. Last
week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with some aboriginal leaders but did
not sit down with all the chiefs who wanted to discuss treaty rights and
other concerns.

Such blockades risk further alienating the broader population. Only 31 per
cent of poll respondents believe shutting down roads and railways is a form
of legitimate protest.

The survey found that almost two-thirds of respondents think native
Canadians get too much support from taxpayers. Furthermore, 81 per cent
believe reserves should not get any more money until external auditors
review their finances.

Conversely, only 27 per cent of Canadians believe that federal money spent
on reserves is managed well by native leaders and communities. As well, 60
per cent think that most of native peoples’ problems are brought upon by

Ipsos Reid also surveyed attitudes on some of the key players involved in
recent events. National aboriginal leaders, including the Assembly of First
Nations, got the highest support, at 51 per cent of respondents. Mr. Harper
was a few notches lower, at 46 per cent support. The Idle No More movement
received the approval of 38 per cent of those who took the poll while
Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence trailed at just 29 per cent.

Despite the poll’s findings, however, 63 per cent of respondents believe
that the federal government must act now to help raise natives’ quality of
life. The same number supported resolving land claims to provide aboriginal
peoples with the land and resources needed to become self-sufficient.

The poll, which was conducted between Jan. 11 and 14, surveyed 1,023
Canadians online and is considered accurate to within 3.5 percentage points.

Check out the comments: http://tinyurl.com/q9b33td


"We all know what they want. They want to own half of Canada,T hey lived on
reserves for years where there was natural resources and never once tried to
develop them while their chief and council got billions off the taxpayers.
Now they want to be like the princes of Saudi Arabia. Fairness in dealing is
so far from their minds.They do not want to give a smart guy Atleo who has
their interest at heart make a deal it will never be good enough. the
opposition in this country better not encourage this because what goes round
comes round and they may be looking at a reduced minority in May 2015.The
CBC is doing more harm because they hate Harper because of his conservative
approach. In two years our neighbors to the south under their socialist
administration will see the end of the longest democracy and we will see
what happens to the countries that follow Greece into the fire. they are
prime examples of bullies but in Canadians they have more than met their
match. Reasonable and Fair is not good enough and Harper better realize this
before it has gone past the point of stopping it."
Greg Carr
2018-07-11 02:00:28 UTC
This is how old?