Opting Out of JCPoA: World Moves Away from Israel, Closer to Iran
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2018-05-12 18:13:58 UTC
It seems Netanyahu does not understand the consequences of exercising
his power over America. He has no trouble getting the US administration
and Congress to do what his Zionism plans need but his latest triumph
... getting the US to abandon the nuclear deal ... is having

Britain, France and Germany have signalled a more robust foreign policy
which is independent of the USA. Secondly, they are resolved to
expanding trade with Iran and thwarting American extra-territorial

Let's hope Europe has now passed the tipping point where their powerful
Jew lobbies can no longer pull Europe's leaders back. If so, all of
Europe will be on side with Russia, China and almost the entire world
in opposing the reckless Israel-USA Zionist agenda.
Greg Carr
2018-05-12 21:49:18 UTC
And how much trade with Iran do these European nations have?