TURMEL: Claiming $100 global warming bet from Green Adriana Magnutto-Hamu
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John KingofthePaupers Turmel
2018-08-09 21:45:00 UTC
TURMEL: Claiming $100 global warming bet from Green Adriana Magnutto-Hamu

JCT: When I saw the article about James Hansen admitting
global warming was wrong, I decided that 6 years was enough,
time to claim my $100 bet from Green Adriana Magnutto-Hamu
(***@danforthgreens.ca) who had bet me $100 temperature
would keep rising dangerously. So I sent her an email:

Turmel: No global warming, you lost $100 bet. Time to pay up

'Father of Global Warming' Scientist Finally Admits Theory
is Wrong

From my video index page http://SmartestMan.Ca/kotp
20120401 $100 ClimateGate bet "Temperature Went Down" taken
by Green Party Adriana Magnuto-Hamu

Jct: During the Toronto Danforth federal byelection, at the
Applegrove debate, I bet $100 Mann-Made Global Warming is a
lie and temperature went down. At the Don Mills Debate, I
bet again and Green candidate and climate critic Adriana
Magnutto-Hamu took my bet and tried to explain what decline
they were really hiding. Either we have a live debate where
the loser picks up the tab for the hall or we can have an
online debate with duelling documents. Stay tuned at
http://facebook.com/john.turmel Index of videos at
http://johnturmel.com/kotp.htm She said:
"I took your bet. I also want to point out that John is
deeply mistaken about what "hide the decline meant." It's
funny. People think that "hide the decline" means that
there's a decline in temperature. That isn't actually what
they were referring to.They were actually talking about, and
I know this because I'm the climate change critic for the
Green Party, what they were referring to was actually a
decline in what should have been the temperatures based on
the tree ring data. When temperatures were actually going
up. That's what they wanted to hide. Because they'd been
using tree ring data to recover, and I do think that this is
a problem, I do think that it sheds some kind of problem
into the science and I am looking into it. But there is a
lot of strings that show that climate science is right. But
the truth is that what they were looking at was that the
tree ring data had been matching, correlating with the
temperature for many years, but it was going down in the
last 20 years as temperatures were going up. And that's what
they wanted to hide. They hid it by, at that point, saying,
you know what, we're going to use the real temperatures from
now on because we don't trust the tree ring data. That's
what they referred to. So you're wrong. And the temperatures
are going up."
Turmel: You took the $100 bet, we'll have a debate.
Toronto-Danforth federal election candidates Q&A 2012

There has been no great rise in temperature as you warned
since 2012.
He's Justin Trudeau leading fight to stop our climate change,
Blames CO2 for warming, carbon tax he will arrange.
As Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth shows record-setting heat,
Catastrophe is looming if the change we do not beat.
But in two thousand nine, the scam exposed in Climategate,
Where Michael Mann used "trick to hide decline" since 'ninety-eight.
Refused to show the Court his stats to hockey stick graph clear,
Caught fudging numbers so the warmer times would disappear,
Medieval Warming Period, eight hundred years ago,
Greenland was green and Britain able even grapes to grow.
Mann's hockey stick omits four centuries of high-temp climes,
Hides even recent dust-bowl days of Dirty Thirties times.

When Global Warming stopped, Alarmists had to change the name,
To "Climate Change" so either way, they claim to win the game.
Real Temperature's measured in "Degrees" where up's more hot,
But up some "Climes" of Climate Change are units never taught.
Professor Keating flaunted thirty thousand dollar bet,
"None can disprove that climate changes." Safe as it can get.
Since climate always changes, it's a bet no one can meet,
A false bravado with but only one sure way to beat.
So Great Canadian Gambler raised him unexpectedly:
"A hundred says next year is colder, measured by 'Degree.'"
Though flashing thirty Gs on wager that could not be faced,
He folded to my C-note raise. My post he then erased.

With thirty thousand-scientist petition blaring why,
Man's not the cause of rise! Blame ball of fire in the sky.
But scientific journals censored all the truth who knew,
While William Connolley at Wikipedia did too!
As Youtube showed David Suzuki crushed for all to see,
He couldn't even name the data sets on Oz TV.
He wants to jail those he can't beat in open fair debate,
"I was arrested in the Soo!" kept shut up by the State.

Sun-spots have disappeared, a mini Ice Age on the way,
With Engineering drop-out onto whom the blame we'll lay:
So Justin's culpable by peddling untrue warmth reports,
For every schmuck found frozen dead still in Bermuda shorts.
With "Scientists" who hid decline, their data, won't bet too,
Til Greenland's green again! I question what we thought we knew.
Still fooled by trick to hide decline, still Justin leads the way,
"I tried to stop climate from changing" on his resume.

On your resume too unless you admit the truth that you were
conned by some skillful liars.
Or I start to call you a welcher.

JCT: So let's see if she admits temperature has not risen
and pays up or if she refuses to accept the truth and stiffs
Dhu on Gate
2018-08-10 04:59:16 UTC
There has been no great rise in temperature as you warned since 2012.
Hmm. Izat why there's forest fires across most of the northern hemisphere?

Je suis Canadien. Ce n'est pas Francais ou Anglaise.
C'est une esp`ece de sauvage: ne obliviscaris, vix ea nostra voco;-)