Alabama declares public health emergency as hospitals flood with flu patients - Another Failure of The USA For Profit System
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2018-01-12 19:31:01 UTC
Alabama declares public health emergency as hospitals flood with flu patients

January 12, 2018 06:44 AM
Updated 3 hours 47 minutes ago
Governor Kay Ivey declared a state public health emergency Thursday after a
serious outbreak of the flu throughout the state, saying there was a high
risk of widespread exposure that would pose "significant risk of substantial
harm to a large number of people."

The flu is spreading quickly in Alabama. Hospitals are at or over normal
patient capacity as flu patients continue to arrive at their doors, the
Alabama Department of Public Health said in a press release Thursday.
Emergency rooms and clinics also reported seeing "very high" volumes of

"At this time, this is not a pandemic flu situation, but a major seasonal flu
situation," the department said.

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2018-01-12 19:40:24 UTC
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Alabama declares public health emergency

Australian flu epidemic inundates public health services
By John Mackay
25 October 2017

The 2017 Australian winter flu season looks to be the most severe for at
least eight years. It has caused more than 400 deaths nationally and
placed significant demands on under-funded public hospital and primary
care health services. The peak numbers of flu cases also occurred
earlier in winter than in previous years.

The epidemic has demonstrated the incapacity of the public health system
to manage a sudden increase in acutely sick patients. Emergency room
visits reached record levels at the peak of the season in many major
hospitals, with limited or no beds available for many more affected by
the virus.

The past three years have seen higher numbers of reported cases compared
to the previous three years, suggesting an emerging trend that means
future flu seasons may see repeats of this year’s epidemic or worse. The
severity of the Australian flu season also is creating fears that the
northern hemisphere winter will produce a similar crisis.