Another Democrat Excuses Muslims Barbaric Actions
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2018-06-08 00:05:39 UTC
On Thu, 7 Jun 2018 10:49:44 -0700 (PDT), Matt says...
Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti
In 939.
Is THIS 939? Nope. We are SUPPOSED to be a little more civilized now
than a 1000 years ago... well, at least Christians and conservatives are.

Democrats and Muslims are as barbaric now, as anyone was in the 8th
century ever was.
Shall we hold Christians responsible for their atrocities during that
time period?
Shall we hold Jews responsible NOW, for what THEIR ancestors did to
Christians? How about Romans?

Do we hold Germans responsible for what Hitler did? Russians for Stalin
and Lenin?


You see how fucking stupid your logic is? You DON'T hold the sons
responsible for the sins of the father.
I think we shall.
Muslims are committing atrocities NOW, and yes, they SHOULD be held
responsible for their barbaric actions.

I think we shall, too.

Typical liberal bullshit... WHO said what the CRUSADERS did, was right, a
THOUSAND years ago?

No one. You're just another Obama wannabe dick-sucker who fell for his
"Crusaders vs. Muslims" bullshit.

Oh, since a group of people went to WAR with another group of people to
RECOVER lost lands and they ended up killing many of those people a 1000
YEARS AGO, it's OK with you that Muslims kill Christians TODAY, who had
NOTHING to do with the Crusades?

With stupid fucking logic like that, no fucking WONDER you libertards are
losing everything.

Please... justify your love for Muslims.
STILL can't understand why liberal Democrats are so in love with Muslims,
but hate Republicans.

Muslims are against abortion... hmmm... who else?

Muslims are against contraception... hmmm... who else?

Muslims are against pre-marital sex... hmmm... who else "SAYS" they are?

So, if Muslims and Republicans are SOOOO much alike, why do you Democrats
LOVE Muslims, but hate Republicans? See [1].

Muslims are FOR killing homosexuals... hmmm... who else? NO ONE else.

Muslims are FOR treating women as slaves and chattel... well, OK... yeah,
Democrats SAY they don't, but they do. How many Democrats have been caught
lately treating women as sex objects?

Weinstein, Weiner, Cosby, Franken, Bobby Scott (D)-Virginia, Conyers,
Brokaw, Charlie Rose, Schneiderman

Muslims are FOR their old men raping little boys

Oh, and they HATE you

Am I leaving anything else out that you just LOVE about Muslims?

[1] Oh yeah... Obama is a Muslim, so all is forgiven... right?
2018-06-10 18:33:18 UTC
Muslim ruler has 100 Christians publicly beheaded, spectators' "feelings
against the infidels Allah alleviated"
How many "witches" and pagans were murdered by christians over the
A lot fewer than Muslims killed by their own kind:





And they've been doing it for 1,400 years...