Commie LA Paper Claims Conservatives' Fight Against Sanctuary Cities Will Backfire: 'It's All a Show'
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Obama Worst President Ever
2018-04-07 09:50:43 UTC
Gustavo Arellano. Biased hispanic, pro-illegal immigration
asshole mouthpiece for the communists trying to take over

Fuck you Gustavo. Get the fuck back to Mexico.

The Los Angeles Times published an op-ed Wednesday claiming the
fight against sanctuary cities will ultimately backfire and blow
up on conservatives.

“Los Alamitos made national news last week after its City
Council announced it wants to opt out of SB 54, the California
Values Act. This so-called sanctuary state law,” wrote Gustavo
Arellano of “Ask A Mexican.” “Council members, however, say they
need to fight the statehouse on this issue to protect residents
from illegal-immigrant criminals.

“But it’s all a show. Crime is continuously low here.”

Arellano said he understands why cities are upset over illegal
immigration but found it necessary to defend the sanctuary state
bill and sided with lawbreakers over American citizens.

“I actually understand the ire of these conservative
municipalities. Undocumented folks are only 6% of California’s
population, yet the state Legislature seems to focus more on
their needs than other groups’ needs nowadays,” he writes.

“And, at first read, a law that ostensibly shields criminals
from deportation sounds like an insult to every peaceful
resident. But the Assembly members and state senators who voted
for the California Values Act were remarkably clear-eyed.”

“First off, the bill’s primary purpose is to protect
Californians, plain and simple. I know it’s hard for cities and
counties trying to un-sanctuary themselves to grasp this. So
take it from Californians who live among the undocumented or are
related to them: They are us,” he continued.

“They came here because they want the California Dream as much
as citizens do — and they work for it thrice as hard. SB 54
gives them a degree of comfort that any small encounter with
police won’t rip them away from their loved ones.”

He then accused the Trump administration of wanting to make
illegal immigrants miserable and cited the proposed citizenship
question on the 2020 census.

“And given that the Trump administration wants to make life for
the undocumented as miserable as possible — witness the 2020
Census plan to ask respondents about citizenship status — we
should help them as much as possible,” Arellano wrote.

“Municipalities that declare they are opting out, on the other
hand, are just playing pretend-Oath Keepers.”

Arellaon predicted Republicans will be defeated in the upcoming
November midterms and called conservatives childish.

“Meanwhile, Mayor Troy Edgar just set up a GoFundMe page to pay
the city’s potential legal costs. And conservatives nationwide
cheer childishness like this?

“No wonder they’re going to get destroyed in the 2018 midterms,”
he wrote.

“The California Values Act isn’t meant to protect the ‘bad
guys,'” the piece concluded. “Felons get no free pass. Instead,
it shields people like my dad. He got a DUI in the 1980s, when
he was undocumented, because he was a raging borracho … he
would’ve probably died of alcoholism down in Mexico.

“Instead, a judge sent him to Alcoholics Anonymous. This year
marks 35 years of sobriety for Papi, and he’s helped Latino
immigrants leave the booze and become better individuals for

People like Don Rosenberg, who son Drew was murdered by an
illegal immigrant, disagree with Arellano and say the Times is
partially responsible for the mayhem.

Rosenberg said they always run stories favorable to illegals and
urged them to get out and do some real reporting, during an
interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Many of the major papers are also in cities with large
populations of illegal aliens. That’s not an excuse for bad
journalism,” Rosenberg said. “They will quote everyone under the
sun if the narrative is right.

“They will run op-eds advocating for illegal aliens and quote
everyone who says what they want to say but they don’t run a big
picture story because they know the truth but don’t want to
share it with their readers.”

Alan Baker
2018-04-07 16:51:00 UTC
Post by Obama Worst President Ever
Gustavo Arellano. Biased hispanic, pro-illegal immigration
asshole mouthpiece for the communists trying to take over
Fuck you Gustavo. Get the fuck back to Mexico.
And your bigotry is exposed for all the world.

He was born in Anaheim.