George Washington University seminar claims "Christians get 'unmerited perks'"
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2018-04-08 21:57:03 UTC
George Washington University is hosting a seminar on 'Christian Privilege'.
Meanwhile, Christians are the most persecuted people in the world.
If this "seminar" doesn't call out black gospel churches or preachers then
ya'll know this is another part of their nazi-esque propaganda campaign
against Whites. Never mind the fact that a large portion of black America
is Christian. I doubt that will be mentioned or they will say how Whites
forced it on blacks or some other bullshit: https://tinyurl.com/y76vcf8k

Also: https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10727

Christians and white people get 'unmerited perks,' live 'easier' lives,
George Washington University seminar says

By Caleb Parke

GWU to host a 'Christian privilege' workshop

George Washington University is hosting a seminar on combating “Christian
privilege” in America.

According to an event description, students in a 90-minute training session
will learn about ways American Christians receive things they don’t deserve
and are not worthy of getting: “How do we…acknowledge that Christians
receive unmerited perks from institutions and systems all across our

The Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC) at GWU is hosting
“Christian Privilege: But Our Founding Fathers Were All Christian, Right?!”
Thursday as part of its “Excellence in Leadership Seminar,” as first
reported by The Christian Post.

Caroline Hakes, a GWU student and CampusReform.org correspondent, told “Fox
& Friends” she was surprised about the seminar and believes that the
premise, while it may be well-intentioned, is ultimately misguided.

“I think that this seminar is a symptom of a larger issue of elements of
Christianity being downplayed on college campuses and in the mainstream
media,” Hakes said. “We see it, for example, with lack of reporting with
Christians being persecuted in the Middle East, and with TV personalities
ridiculing Vice President Pence for expressing how his faith informs him in
his office.”

According to the website, MSSC Associate Director and LGBTQ Resources
Director Timothy Kane will discuss how American Christians have “easier”
lives and get “built-in advantages over non-Christians” as well as making
“room for all religious and secular identities on an equal playing field.”

But the Christian privilege seminar doesn’t just focus on one religion, it
also singles out a race: white people.

Students will learn about “white privilege specifically” and the “role of
denial when it comes to white privilege,” the event description says, adding
they will be able to list examples of Christian privilege and learn three
ways to be an ally with non-Christians.

Other seminars offered by GWU’s MSSC include: heterosexual privilege,
cisgender privilege, abled-body privilege, socio-economic privilege, LGBTQIA
diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, and transgender diversity and

Each of the privilege seminars states that they focus more specifically on
white privilege.

“These trainings equip students and staff with the necessary skills to
promote diversity and inclusion in the different environments in which they
find themselves frequently,” the website says.

Former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino, tweeted about the “disturbing”
story as reported by The College Fix, saying, “Someone should’ve told the
martyrs about ‘Christian privilege.’”

Another person on Twitter, Chad Prather, tweeted that with martyrdom,
beatings, and beheadings they should host the workshop in Libya, Ethiopia,
Iran or northern Nigeria.

“I think America has too much ‘university privilege,’” Prather wrote.

GWU and Kane did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Mr. B1ack
2018-04-09 02:23:45 UTC
Christians dont' regularly sacrifice goats at the office or
organize stoning parties ... so they're lower maintenence
and thus, for economic reasons, deserve those perks :-)