Amber Alert
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2019-03-19 21:20:18 UTC
"... if observed, call nine hundred eleven."

Wait ... what?
Dave Smith
2019-03-20 12:40:54 UTC
Post by M.I.Wakefield
"... if observed, call nine hundred eleven."
Wait ... what?
I think I am going to be turning off my alert. It went off a couple
weeks ago about 11:30 pm. I was already in bed. WTF were we supposed to
do about it. The people defending it claimed that it had worked because
someone who got the alert reported the car. It was hardly a success
because the child was already dead, and her body was back at the house.

It went off at a more reasonable time yesterday. They sent out the
alert, but they never sent out a cancellation. The father who is alleged
to have abducted the girl was arrested, was was released soon after
because it appears to have been a marital problem.

I thought that the warning system was going to be a useful tool in
cases of natural disasters, but most cases lately have been basically
false alarms. They should read about the little boy who called wolf.