OT neo-Nazi troll post: British Police Threaten to Prosecute blah... (but obviously has no jurisdiction in Australia)
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Messy Meatball
2018-05-14 22:04:18 UTC
Hope so!


My self-righteous spite is bigger than yours.
The newsgroup Janitor
2018-05-14 23:38:28 UTC
Post by Messy Meatball
...and here is why:

" * How neo-Nazis may be making money from You Tube advertising * "

"Extremists post videos to exploit Google Adsense to share revenues from
advertisers such as Virgin Media, BT and O2."


Neo-Nazis taking over Face Book and YouTube...

*Alleged racist used Facebook and YouTube accounts post anti-black and
Jewish material and called for 'real holocaust' to rid the world of 'sub-
human' Jews, court is told*

"Lawrence Burns, 26, is accused of writing 140 racist Facebook posts
He allegedly commented on YouTube that he wanted to 'hang the black
A search of Burns' home revealed a number of anti-Semitic books, a
scarf with a 'neo-Nazi' logo and a phone, which has 125 photos depicting
racialist views"

By Rachael Burford For Mailonline
Published: 02:10 +11:00, 7 December 2016 | Updated: 02:33 +11:00, 7
December 2016


"Lawrence Burns, 26, is accused of writing 140 Facebook posts on an alias
account in which he is said to have stirred up racial hatred.
An alleged racist expressed 'vile and offensive sentiments' towards
Jewish people he thought of as 'sub-human', a court heard.

It's also alleged he commented on a YouTube video that he wanted to 'hang
the black race', while also sharing Adolf Hitler artwork.

Opening the trial to a jury at Cambridge Crown Court on Monday,
prosecutor Mark Weekes said: 'This is a young man who is an extremist and
has expressed racist views, particularly towards the Jewish and Afro-
Caribbean community.

'On his public Facebook account, which has more than 90 friends, he
expressed some of the vilest and most offensive sentiments possible.

'Many of the posts are abusive and insulting towards Jews, who he refers
to as 'sub-human animals' and contain offensive words.'

Mr Weekes added that in a post on August 28, Burns accused white women of
'mating with race-mixing filth' and on September 1 compared Jews to
'maggots in a decaying body' who are 'hijacking the genes of a superior
white race'.

He said: 'The defendant also posted a link to a webpage which claimed to
be a 'black person's owner's manual' - the contents of which was
breathtakingly offensive.'"

Septics always say:
Mein Po riecht, weicher Stuhl, viele Blähungen
< http://tinyurl.com/y9baocwt >
jew pedophile Ron Jacobson (jew pedophile Baruch 'Barry' Shein's jew aliash)
2018-05-15 13:05:54 UTC
On Mon, 14 May 2018 22:04:18 +0000 (UTC), Messy Meatball
But Kyker is a neo-jew not a neo-Nazi!

"You are full of shit. You'll never convince any of us real Jews that
there is no Jewish look. I know my people and I can see their
Jewishness. Susan is not a Jew. If you want to get down her panties
just ask her she'll let you. She's a non-Jew."
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"You can try all you want and get all the plastic surgery you want but
you'll never look like one of us because you are not a Jew. You are
an Irish Shiksa that Isn't even a righteous non-Jew a Ger Tzadeck You
are VEEDMUS amongst us and are a gentile. I would not be surprised if
you ever go to Eretz Israel and spout off your non-senseical lies that
a Jew doesn't kill you or a gentile murder you. You are wicked because
you antagonize and lie about the Tzadeckim. The best place for you is
scrubbing toilets and urinals in a gymnasium that is predominate used
by Negros."
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- drug-fucked jew wannabe Y-chi Netfish, mocking neo-jew Suzy KKKohen's
attempted 'conversion' to the jew race

"Warren is not well. He's a non-Jewish mental patient who usually declines to
take his medications. Please keep this in mind when viewing future posts."
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- neo-jew 'convert' Suzy KKKohen, mocking drug-fucked jew wannabe Y-chi Netfish's
claim to be a jew
The Peeler
2018-05-15 15:37:46 UTC
On Tue, 15 May 2018 06:05:54 -0700, serbian bitch Razovic, the resident
psychopath of sci and scj and Usenet's famous sexual cripple, making an ass
of herself as "jew pedophile Ron Jacobson (jew pedophile Baruch 'Barry'
Post by jew pedophile Ron Jacobson (jew pedophile Baruch 'Barry' Shein's jew aliash)
But Kyker is a neo-jew not a neo-Nazi!
You are obviously just an asshole, Razoshit! <BG>
tomcov about poor psychotic asshole Razovic:
"Assholes come
Assholes go
But the revd asshole goes on forever.
(and he speaks through it)"
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