The NDP is up in the polls ... and Doug Ford has noticed
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2018-05-11 21:20:39 UTC
CBC News · Posted: May 11, 2018

The NDP is up in the polls ... and Doug Ford has noticed

Horwath and Hammond hug it out to seal deal on elementary teachers' union endorsement for the NDP

Today the Ontario party leaders square off for the second time this week, but this time it's in Parry Sound for the Northern Leaders Debate.

The NDP is feeling good after a big thumbs up from the elementary teachers' union, while the Liberals are facing possible defeat in a southwestern Ontario riding long a considered a Grit stronghold.

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Here's where we are on day three:

Throughout the campaign, PC Leader Doug Ford has been laser focused on his Liberal rival. That all changed this morning in Parry Sound.

Speaking to reporters, Ford opened up a second front — shifting his attention to Horwath. After all, the NDP is the major political player in many northern communities and recent polls suggest the party may be running second only to the PCs among voters.

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"Just who is the real NDP?" Ford said. "Once upon a time, the NDP claimed to fight for the working people up here in the north or in our factory towns. But over time we've seen the growth of a second NDP: a group of downtown Toronto special interests who hold radical — and I mean radical — ideologies," Ford continued.

He went on to suggest that the NDP would scuttle resource development projects.

"The NDP will turn its back on northern Ontario."

Ford fired the volley one day after Horwath and her NDP secured an endorsement from the politically influential union that represents public elementary school teachers in the province.

CBC's Poll Tracker shows the NDP is gaining momentum and now sits second at 27.2 per cent, but the party is still well behind the PCs, who sit at 41.1 per cent.

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Debate today: https://globalnews.ca/news/4202000/northern-debate-day-3-ontario-election/
Liberals are VERMIN!
2018-05-12 06:12:30 UTC
The NDP won't win, but it's not a surprise they'd gain a bit, given the hatred most feel for Wynne and her liberal cabal. P.C.'s gained HUGELY not in small part because of it.