I Was Drafted For Vietnam, Ruthlessly Sodomized By US Soldiers And Now I'm A Decrepit Old Heroin Addicted, White Trash Neo-Nazi Faggot Who Is Dying Of AIDS
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2017-10-06 20:48:15 UTC
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I want to be just like Keith Luke! I'm trying really hard!

Neo-Nazi Rapist, Murderer Keith Luke Found Dead In Apparent

A self-proclaimed neo-Nazi convicted of killing two and raping a
woman was pronounced dead Monday from an apparent suicide.

Massachusetts man Keith Luke, 28, was sentenced in May of last
year after confessing to his 2009 crimes, telling investigators
that he raped a woman because he didn't want to be a virgin
anymore after being turned down "100,000 [expletive] times,” and
also wanted to kill non-whites, The Enterprise reported.

On Jan. 21, 2009, Luke knocked on the door of an unidentified
woman in Brockton, Massachusetts. When she answered, he pointed a
gun at her head, walked inside the residence, and handcuffed her.
Luke later admitted to investigators to raping and sodomizing the

When the woman's sister, 20-year-old Selma Goncalves, walked into
the home and saw the sexual assault taking place, she attempted to
run and find help, according to The Boston Herald.

“I knew she was going to make a huge scene, so I said [expletive]
it, and I shot her three times,” Luke told police. Goncalves was
killed in the attack.

The murderer-rapist then shot at the woman he had just raped
before returning to his car to reload his weapon. The rape victim
managed to survive the shootings.

While Goncalves lay dead outside the residence, Luke fired upon a
man who was attempting to help her.

Luke told investigators he then got in his car, blasting music and
driving around, when he noticed a 72-year-old homeless man,
Arlindo Goncalves, and shot at him.

“I got out the gun, I shot him in the head and I shot him in the
back,” Luke said of killing Goncalves.

Arlindo and Selma Goncalves had no relation, according to WCVB.

keith luke

The white supremacist was caught after engaging in a shootout with
police. Luke later said he regretted firing on officers because
they were white, but said he had no regrets about killing and
raping his victims.

“Had you had problems with [the victims]?” detective Jackie
Congdon asked Luke during questioning.

“Every [expletive] non-white is my problem,” Luke replied.

During his trial, Luke's mother testified that the "light in his
eyes" had gone out long ago, and her son often slept on a cross
made of cinderblocks, My Fox Boston reported.

Luke told the court during his trial that had he not been
apprehended by police, he had planned to kill bingo players at a
nearby synagogue.

Investigators who searched Luke's van, bedroom, and the victims'
apartment, said they found knives, box cutters, a sledgehammer, an
ax, ball gags, handcuffs, hammers, a Satanic bible, and three
boxes of ammunition.

Luke was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for the
killings and rape. During his time in prison, he tried to kill
himself three times, according to the New York Daily News. In
2010, Luke underwent surgery after he was found bleeding from a
self-inflicted throat injury.

While in prison, he also carved a swastika into his forehead using
a staple.

Though officials have not yet publicly stated that Luke's cause of
death was suicide, an unnamed source told The Enterprise that the
murderer killed himself.

Moises Rodrigues, who serves on the Brockton City Council,
expressed no remorse over the news.

“I think the world is a better place without Keith Luke in it,”
Rodrigues told the publication. “He is someone that doesn’t
deserve to live, someone that caused so much harm and so much
anguish to a community, to a city. I think the world is a better
place today without him.”
2017-10-06 20:59:10 UTC
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I see Mr. Wonderful is on the loose again.

Actually, I enlisted in the USAF to keep from being drafted...
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Greg Carr
2017-10-06 22:15:42 UTC
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Name cloning is lame and I am glad the evil and lame Mr.Luke is dead by choice. If he couldn't get laid and since he had no morals why not go to a prostitue instead of shooting innocents.